Special delivery – More mail

As I go through all my cards and letters, I find more that I want to share. I see that some people have a certain style – for instance, my grandmother always sent me cards with flowers or animals on them.

My sister picks cards with penguins, fish or cats. I hate cats, but I like her cards.

I’ll never tell who wrote this. Sometimes life sucks and you just have to write it on a note for someone. Fortunately, he got out!

My aunt has her own sweet style…I love these cards.

More beautiful Christmas greetings….it’s so fun sending and receiving Xmas cards. Hint, hint.

And how hilarious is this?! My friends have such great irreverence.

  Amazingly, I got this card from 2 different people.

I have a different perspective re-reading letters many years later. I think I appreciate my relationships more now. And I definitely appreciate letters written by hand – something that is almost extinct.


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