Happy Birthday, all year long

Today is my birthday. (Please don’t sing). And it’s special because I get to spend it with my immediate family for the first time in many years.

I’m looking forward to a margarita and chips and salsa tonight (yay, Atlanta, for all your Mexican restaurants)! I am very fortunate to have people in my life who always celebrate with me – even when I plan a big bash in London.

I hope you celebrate your birthday, too, in whatever way is meaningful to you. For my birthday and yours (whenever it may be), here are some really fun cakes I found. Click on the photos to learn more about the cakes.

This margarita cake is made by ABC Cake Shop in Albuquerque.

This is amazing, isn’t it? It won First Place for a Mother’s Day contest. They get better…

Also a prize winner for the Mother’s Day contest.


Can you believe everything here is edible except the board? Even the magazine with a digital image of the birthday girl. Wow.

And incredibly, this is edible, too. It’s a marzipan cake topping.

Even though the elaborate ones are so much fun, I prefer the rather simple ones decorated like gift boxes.

And how could I not like this one?

Or this one?

This Tour Eiffel is 4 feet tall. And no waiting in line to get to the top! I’d like to put in an order now for my 80th, please.

I wonder if they get requests for Delta?

I would like this one in Fenway, please.

Does Johnny Depp come as Jack Sparrow?

Sometimes simpler is beautiful. Happy Birthday, everyone.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, all year long

  1. excellent idea! love the cakes!

    I was thinking of you today and wishing you a joyeux anniversaire ma belle!
    and many more…. 🙂

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